Public Company Services

HIR tailors investor relations and communications programs to meet individual company needs. We conduct both ongoing, full-service programs as well as strategic communications projects to value-add to existing corporate programs.

Strategy & Counsel

Customized strategic planning and IR counsel for your management and board of directors

Halliburton Investor Relations acts as your investment community mentor and advocate. HIR works to establish investor relations protocols that will drive positive corporate reputations and ensure the fulfillment of fiduciary responsibilities. As veterans of the investor relations industry, HIR understands that being prepared to manage unforeseen events and endure market cycles is paramount. Our senior account executive team works closely with clients to develop strategies to address and overcome challenges that many companies face.

Some of the strategic and counseling services provided include:

  • Comprehensive message development and positioning
  • Market intelligence analysis
  • Establishing best practices related to shareholder activism
  • Crisis communication planning and execution


Core Targeting/Outreach Program

Building investment community interest in your company

In order to achieve a proper valuation in the stock market, strategic investor relations marketing is key. Public companies need exposure to high-quality investors who can build an initial position and then support the stock during downturns in the market. In proactively marketing our client companies to Wall Street, we identify and contact professional investors who have long-term investment horizons. We target portfolio managers, analysts, brokers and money managers based on their investment criteria as well as those who have demonstrated an interest in peer companies.

As part of a proactive outreach program, HIR coordinates the following activities:

  • In-depth client company and industry research
  • Stock ownership analysis of your company and peer companies to determine available investment opportunities
  • Identify new, key potential investment community followers for your stock
  • Target the best markets for investment interest and schedule one-on-one and select group meetings in those money management centers
  • Provide post-meeting follow-up, including detailed surveys from the investment professionals visited
  • Supplement management’s in-person IR meetings with targeted Web meetings/conference calls with potential investors and analysts
  • Organize analyst/investor days and tours of company facilities to broaden investors’ understanding of the business
  • Identify appropriate investment conferences and solicit presentation opportunities for management
  • Market your story to the investment community through our daily discussions with Wall Street contacts
  • Maintain a comprehensive database of investment community contacts for your firm


Perception Studies

Determining investor opinion about your company

Knowing what your shareholders are saying about your company is central to a solid investor relations program. Investor perceptions drive the IR message and help identify areas of investment interest as well as aspects of your story that may be confusing or misunderstood by investors.

HIR canvasses these investor perceptions about your company, providing the following services:

  • Conduct detailed conversations with analysts, shareholders and prospective shareholders to determine the current perception of your company within the investment community
  • Provide a comprehensive report to management summarizing investor opinions and including detailed comments from our conversations with investors and analysts
  • Recommend next steps for the company’s investor relations program
  • Conduct pre-earnings perception studies


Strategic Financial Communications

Improving the flow of information to Wall Street

Our senior IR practitioners help clients achieve clarity and consistency in their communications to Wall Street. We implement a myriad of financial communications activities, including:

  • Message development
  • Presentation design and development
  • Public speaking/presenter training
  • Press release writing, editing and dissemination
  • Fact sheet design and production
  • Annual report production and coordination


Shareholders’ Meeting Support

Ensuring a smooth, worry-free annual meeting

Planning and arranging a shareholders’ meeting can be a daunting task. HIR will manage all the details of your annual meeting so you can focus on the bigger picture. Our shareholders’ meeting support includes:

  • Event planning and arrangements
  • Proxy mailing coordination and distribution
  • Proxy solicitation assistance


Conference Call Coordination

Cost-effective and efficient exposure to a broad investor audience

HIR coordinates all aspects of investment community conference calls, for both quarterly earnings calls as well as teleconferences to discuss major, strategic corporate developments. We partner with best-in-class conferencing service providers to deliver high-quality conference calls that include managing the logistics protocols, in addition to key strategic services that include the following:

  • Draft and disseminate the press release announcing the event
  • Personally invite key investors and analysts to join the call
  • Script/edit management's opening remarks
  • Prepare potential questions and review appropriate responses with management
  • Maintain quality control of both the teleconference and webcast
  • Provide management with post-call feedback from attendees and recommendations for future calls


IR Website Management

Enhancing your online relationship with investors

A company’s IR website is a prime channel for providing insight and communication to the investment community. Working with leading providers, HIR develops and manages dynamic IR websites featuring best practices in investor website content and online communications tools. The platform provides complete financial and investor content for your IR website, including real-time automated posting of SEC filings and press releases, stock quotes and charts, financial statements, annual and quarterly reports, analyst coverage, and a corporate governance module. HIR can implement a contact manager tool to closely track new and existing investment community followers of your company, along with broadcast email distribution of company press releases. HIR manages the platform for client websites, updating content on an ongoing basis. In addition, we measure and analyze IR website usage and produce activity reports for management on program results and effectiveness.