Communication, Credibility & COVID-19

The global landscape has dramatically changed with the eruption of the COVID-19 pandemic. The same is true for investor and issuer communications.

Addressing corporate access needs on both sides is more critical than ever with the return to active stock-picking on a dramatic rise.

Amid the coronavirus crisis, management teams and IROs are being inundated with shareholders and prospective investors seeking any information to inform an investment decision. And, in the context of Regulation FD, that can be a daunting task.

A well thought out communications strategy includes:

  • mobilizing key message points on a company’s fundamentals and operations,
  • continuing open investor dialogue,
  • leveraging social communications platforms; and
  • keeping management teams well informed of evolving market changes.

Our long-standing philosophy is to maintain open lines of communication in the best and worst of times. Going dark on your communications hands over your narrative to further scrutiny, misperception and potential activism. Management credibility is at stake.

Throughout our 30-year history as a trusted advisor, this philosophy has proven successful across our client base. In a time of critical stakeholder needs, stay engaged, bolster credibility and continue to stay safe.

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